Cricut Print then Cut Stickers Everything You Need To Know

How to Use the Cricut Print Then Cut Feature With a Canon Pixma TS9521C to Create Sticker Sheets.

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Cricut Print then Cut Stickers tutorial featured by top Cricut blogger, Sweet Red Poppy.

If you’ve ever wanted to make stickers with your Cricut then today’s post and video are perfect for you!

Today we are going to learn all about Cricut’s Print then Cut feature while making the cutest stickers!

In this tutorial, I’ll be using a Cricut Explore Air 2 and a Canon Pixma TS9521C.

If you’re new to Print then Cut, let me give you a quick walkthrough. Print then Cut lets you print your design out, using a home printer or printing service, then use your Cricut to perfectly cut around your design. 

You can use Print then Cut on Printable Vinyl, Printable Sticker Paper, Printable Clear Sticker Paper, Printable Iron-On, Card Stock/Paper and really anything that you can put through your printer. 

I usually use Print then Cut to make stickers, gift tags, labels and even cupcake toppers. 

A couple of things to keep in mind before you start designing your print and cut designs is that you can not print images larger than 6.75” x 9.25”.

Print then Cut works with Cricut Design Space images, uploaded SVGs or PNGs, pictures, really any file can be used with Print then Cut. 

If you haven’t already calibrated your machine for Print then Cut in Design Space, be sure to do this by clicking the drop down menu in the top left hand corner and selecting calibration.

Supplies Needed for your Cricut Print then Cut Stickers

If you happen to have any issues with Print then Cut check out my troubleshooting tips at the end of the post.

Image rights: For personal use only. You are welcome to create personal projects using these images. However, if there is intent to resell for commercial purposes, that is prohibited. Under no circumstances are you permitted to resell, give-away, or otherwise distribute any actual files associated with digital designs, stickers or images offered at or

Click HERE to download the FREE sticker files.

This is a zipped file. It’s best to download this on a desktop computer. You will need to unzip the file before using the images.

Cricut Print then Cut Stickers tutorial featured by top Cricut blogger, Sweet Red Poppy.

Here’s a preview of all of our free printable files. Each design has a white border included around the image for a perfect cut!

Step 1: Upload Printable Sticker Sheets to Cricut Design Space

We are going to start by uploading our file to Cricut Design Space. Click on “Upload“, “Upload Image“, “Browse“, then select the sticker sheet file from your computer.

When working with Print then Cut, I always select Complex and then hit continue.

Our designs are already to go so we can hit “Continue” and skip to the next part.

Click “Save as a Print then Cut Image” on the left-hand side. On the right side, you can name your image, then select “Save

Select the image and click “Insert Images” to place it on your canvas.

Now that we have our image on our canvas we want to double-check the measurements for compatibility. Remember that you only have a 6.75” x 9.25” area to print on. When I am making an entire sticker sheet, I like to use a 6.75” x 9.25” rectangle to size my stickers and get the most use out of my space. If your image is sized too large you’ll get a warning sign on the left-hand side of the screen under the image.

You’ll notice that the line type at the top of the screen says cut, and the fill type says print. This lets Cricut know that we want to print out our image first and then cut it. 

Cricut Print then Cut Stickers tutorial featured by top Cricut blogger, Sweet Red Poppy.

Now, that your design is ready to go, hit “Make It”. If you’re using a different design than the one I’ve provided, make sure that you’ve flattened the image before trying to cut it.

You’re going to notice a black rectangle around your design. This is what your Cricut machine uses to precisely cut out your design. 

Cricut Print then Cut Stickers tutorial featured by top Cricut blogger, Sweet Red Poppy.

Before cutting your design make sure that you’ve calibrated your machine for precise cuts! Click here to read the help article from Cricut.

Step 2: Print your Sticker Sheet Design

Next, I’m going to click “Send to Printer”.

Normally, I turn on Bleed but for these sticker sheets, I’ve designed them so you don’t need to turn it on because the outside of the sticker is transparent.  

Select “Use System Dialog”. This lets you manually select your printer settings for the best quality print. 

Cricut Print then Cut Stickers tutorial featured by top Cricut blogger, Sweet Red Poppy.

Select “Print”.

Minimize Design Space to find the Printer settings pop-up on your desktop. I like to feed from the rear tray for the best results with this printer. I also select the Media Type as Photo and Increase the Quality to Best.

If you want to save ink you can select “Normal” as the quality but it won’t be as vibrant!

Cricut Print then Cut Stickers tutorial featured by top Cricut blogger, Sweet Red Poppy.

Now you can select “Print

If you keep your printer settings on default, your images will not be as vibrant and professional looking. Here is a plain piece of paper I printed using my printer’s default settings versus the settings I recommend. You can see the image on the left-hand side is duller and the colors are less vibrant. 

Cricut Print then Cut Stickers tutorial featured by top Cricut blogger, Sweet Red Poppy.

I’ve been using a Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper from Craftables that’s waterproof and permanent. This type is perfect for adhering to a hydro flask. Typically, I really like Cricut products but I wasn’t impressed with the results I got with their sticker paper, so I’ve tried quite a few other brands. I’ve also really liked working with Silhouette’s sticker paper. I’ve also used Waterproof Matte Printable Sticker Paper from Online Labels that I’ve gotten really good results from. The backing on this one is thinner and easier to create die-cut stickers where you cut through the sheet completely to create stand alone stickers.

Make sure that you’ve loaded your paper in the correct direction. If you’re loading from the bottom tray it will need to be face down. If you’re loading from the back tray load face up.

Once your paper has been printed, place your paper on your green mat, being sure to line it up with the top left-hand grid. 

Cricut Print then Cut Stickers tutorial featured by top Cricut blogger, Sweet Red Poppy.

Optional – If you’d like your stickers to have an added layer of protection you can cut a clear sheet of vinyl slightly larger than the design and adhere it to the sticker paper. Make sure it isn’t covering the black lines.

On the screen, select, “Already Printed” 

Select the correct material (this will depend on the material you’re using.) You can decide whether you want the stickers to be a Kiss-Cut sticker, meaning they are cut through just the top layer leaving the backing intact or a Die Cut Sticker, meaning they are cut all the way through both layers to create a stand-alone sticker.

Step 3: Cut Printed Sticker Design

Make sure you have your fine point blade loaded in your Cricut machine.

Load your mat using the arrow button. 

Once the “C” go button is flashing, go ahead and hit it to begin your cut. 

Your Cricut is going to start scanning your paper to determine where it should cut. It uses the black lines to determine where it should cut your stickers. You’ll want to make sure you have good lighting in your room so that the Cricut machine can easily see the registration lines.

After it scans everything, it will start cutting. 

Once it is done, your machine will start to unload the mat. Before completely unloading your mat, quickly check if your sticker has cut all the way through. If it hasn’t, go ahead and click the Cricut “C” to have it cut again before unloading the mat.

If you’re wanting a Kiss-Cut Sticker, unload your mat by clicking the arrow button. If I am going to be making a Die Cut Sticker, I’m going to send my sticker sheet back through the machine one more time. 

Cricut Print then Cut Stickers tutorial featured by top Cricut blogger, Sweet Red Poppy.

Once it is done cutting, unload your mat. 

I like to flip my mat over, peeling the mat away from the sticker paper. This prevents my stickers from rolling up or tearing. 

Now we have this adorable sticker sheet!

Cricut Print then Cut Stickers tutorial featured by top Cricut blogger, Sweet Red Poppy.

Cricut Print then Cut Stickers Troubleshooting

When creating your print then cut projects, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Print then Cut only works on images that fit within a 6.75” x 9.25” rectangle, so be sure your images fit within this. 
  2. Be sure that your lines are set “Cut”
  3. For best results, make sure your material is placed in the upper left-hand corner of your mat. Make sure to remove any wrinkles or bubbles as this could interfere with your machine’s sensors. 

If your machine is having trouble reading the Print then Cut registration lines, here are a few things to try:

  1. Any direct light on your Cricut could interfere with your machine’s sensors. Be sure to keep your machine away from any direct light. 
  2. If you are using a Circut Explore, print then Cut works best with matte light-colored materials, preferably white. Darker materials mess with your machine’s ability to read the cut lines. Cricut also does not recommend using glossy paper since the shine interferes with your machine’s ability to read the sensor marks. 
  3. Before beginning your print then cut, ensure your cut sensor light is clean. To clean it, gently brush the light with a dry watercolor brush. 

If your machine is cutting incorrectly, you may need to recalibrate your machine. You can do this by clicking the menu in Design Space, clicking calibration, and “Print then Cut.” Follow Cricut’s instructions in Design Space to correctly calibrate your machine. 

I can’t wait to see all the adorable stickers you make with this tutorial!

Cricut Print then Cut Stickers tutorial featured by top Cricut blogger, Sweet Red Poppy.

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