DIY Mothers Day Mug Tutorial with the Cricut Mug Press

Learn How to Make Personalized Mother’s Day Infusible Ink Mugs With an Adorable Gift Box Using a Cricut Machine and Cricut Mug Press.

Ever since I got my hands on the Cricut Mug Press, I can’t stop making mugs. I may have an entire shelf full of Cricut mugs now. With Mother’s Day coming up, I decided to add a few more to my collection. 

That’s why I created this step-by-step tutorial to show you how to create your very own adorable Mother’s Day mugs. 

A big thanks to JOANN for sponsoring this post. You can find all of the supplies in this post at your local JOANN store or on

And as an added bonus, I’ll walk you through how to create a mug gift box using my FREE SVG file. The best part about this box is it can be reused for any holiday or special event! Be sure to scroll down for the mug gift box tutorial. 

Mother's Day Cricut Mugs

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to create the perfect mug with the Cricut Mug Press and a matching gift box for your DIY mug. 

What is the Cricut Mug Press?

The Cricut Mug Press enables you to easily create professional-looking mugs in minutes. The ingenious design is safe and easy to use. For more information on the Cricut Mug Press, be sure to check out my blog post HERE. 

DIY Mother's Day Mugs

How to Make a DIY Mother’s Day Mug in 5 Easy Steps

For this project, you need: 


Step 1 – Cut Your Design

To begin, open Design Space. 

Click HERE to be brought to my Mother’s Day Mug files in Design Space. I have mug wraps for Cricut’s 12-ounce mugs and one for Cricut’s 15-ounce mugs.

Mug Wrap Design File

Click “Customize.”

Mug Wrap Design Files

Choose the design you want to cut out and hide or delete the rest of the files. 

Best Mom Ever Mug Wrap

Once you have your design ready, click “Make It.” 

Turn Mirror ON

Be sure to turn mirror ON. If you don’t do this, your design will appear backwards when you apply it to your mug.

Click “Continue.”

Select “Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets” as your material and be sure that your machine is loaded with the Fine-Point Blade.

Select Material

Remove the clear plastic liner from your mat.

Remove Clear Liner

Place your Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet onto the StandardGrip Mat. Use the gridlines to keep everything straight.

Place Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet on Mat

Load your mat into the machine and click the flashing “C” to begin cutting.

Begin Cutting

Step 2 – Weed Design 

Once your design has finished cutting, unload it from the machine.

Unload Mat

Flip your mat over and peel the mat away from your transfer.

Peel Transfer Sheet from Mat

Gently roll the cut area to remove the excess, negative space from your design. For more intricate designs, use tweezers to weed your design.

Weed Design

Step 3 – Prep Mug 

Clean your mug using rubbing alcohol. Let it completely dry before placing your Infusible Ink design on it.

Clean Mug

If needed, secure it to your mug using heat-resistant tape. 

Heat-resistant tape prevents your transfer sheet from shifting during the press. You don’t want the transfer sheet to move around at all because it causes ghosting, leaving a lighter impression of the design to the side.

Step 4 – Apply Your Design Using the Cricut Mug Press

To heat up your Mug Press, plug it in and click the power button. The power button turns green when the press is completely heated up. 

Preheat Press

The Mug Press only heats up to one temperature making it super easy to use.

Next, insert the mug into the press. Make sure that the lever is completely up when you insert it in. 

Insert Mug

Once it’s in, press the lever down and let the mug press do the rest. 

Begin Press

The five lights above the power button let you know how far along your mug is in the process. Once the press is complete, your machine will beep and all five lights will flash. 

To take the mug out, lift up on the lever and pull your mug straight up. 

Remove Mug

CAUTION: Your mug is going to be extremely hot, so be extra careful taking it out.

Step 5 – Let Your Custom Mug Cool 

Set your mug on a heat-resistant surface and let it cool completely.

Let Mug Cool

Once it is completely cool, remove the transfer sheet to reveal your custom mug.

Remove Transfer

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about the Cricut Mug Press!

Finished Design

For more Mug Press projects, check out my post HERE.

Mother's Day Mugs

Now that you have your mug, it’s time to make the gift box! 

How to Make a DIY Mug Gift Box in 4 Easy Steps

Mother's Day Cricut Mug Gift Boxes

For this project, you need:



Step 1 – Upload SVG File

To begin, download the mug box SVG file. You can find a link to download the file right below the supply list. 

Once you have the file downloaded, upload it to Design Space. 

Upload SVG

Step 2 – Cut Design

Before you cut this out, you need to change the black cut line to a score line. Click on the black line, and change the Linetype to “Score.” 

Score Line

Next, attach the score line to the box. Select both and hit “Attach.”


Click “Make It.”

Make It

Click “Continue.”

Preview Screen

Select the material you are using.

Select Material

Next, prepare your mat. 

Begin by removing the clear protective liner from your cutting mat. Set this somewhere safe since you need to put it back on your mat once you are finished using the mat. 

Remove Clear Liner

Adhere your sheet of cardstock to the mat, using the gridlines as a guide. 

Place Cardstock

Following the prompts within Design Space, load your machine with either the scoring wheel or stylus. 

Scoring Wheel

Line your mat up and click the arrow button to load it in.

Insert Mat

Click the flashing “C” button to begin scoring. 

Begin Cutting

Once your machine has finished scoring, Design Space prompts you to switch blades. 

Without unloading your mat, unload the scoring stylus or wheel and load the Fine-Point Blade. 

Insert Fine-Point Blade

Click the flashing “C” button to begin cutting. 

Step 3 – Remove Cardstock from Mat

Once the machine has finished cutting, unload your mat. 

Unload Mat

Carefully remove the project from the mat by flipping the mat over and gently pulling the mat away from the cardstock. 

Remove Design

If you need a little help, you can use the spatula to lift up the cardstock. 

Step 4 – Assemble Box

Now that everything is cut out, it’s time to assemble the gift box. 

Cut Out Gift Box

I like to begin by folding in the sides of my box. 

Folding Sides of Box

Without securing the edge, we’re going to put together the bottom of the box. Secure the bottom by inserting the tab into the slot.

Secure Bottom of the Box

Secure the side of the box with glue or tape. Be sure to secure it to the inside of the box instead of the outside. 

Using Hot Glue, Secure the Side of the Box

Next, insert your mug! 

Inser Mug

Finally, close the top of the box. 

Begin by folding in the two sides with the handle loops. 

Close the Top of the Box

Next, you’re going to fold over these last two sides and secure the box by inserting the tab. 

Insert Tab

Now you have an adorable Mug Box! 

Finished Mother's Day Mug Box

If you create your own custom mug or mug box, be sure to post it on Instagram and tag me so I can see it!

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