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I’m the first stop on the Itch to Stitch Holiday Blog Tour featuring Style Maker Fabrics and I’m so excited to share this outfit with you!

Ever since I saw velvet hitting the runway this year, I’ve been dreaming up the perfect merlot-colored velvet dress. I wanted it to look like it was straight out of a high-end designer store. The kind of dress I would have found, tried on only to tease myself, swooned over and begrudgingly parted with because I couldn’t afford the steep price tag.

Bodice view of Itch to Stitch Davina Dress PDF Sewing Pattern

I checked several fabric stores for the right fabric and I went through each selection with a fine-tooth comb, leaving no stone unturned in hunt of the perfect velvet fabric to no avail. I was sorely disappointed in the quality of fabric I came across so I kept on hunting. Then, as fate would have it, the stars aligned and an invite for this lovely blog tour appeared in my inbox. Once I saw that the tour would feature Itch to Stitch patterns and that Style Maker Fabrics would be supplying the fabric, I knew they would have the perfect, high-quality velvet that I was looking for!

Back view of Davina Dress Itch to Stitch

I was giddy with excitement when I opened my package from the mail just a few days later and pulled out the loveliest shade of merlot-colored velvet. The color of this fabric is quite rich and the texture can only be described as heavenly. One thing to note about velvet is that it has a nap. That means it has an obvious up and down direction of the pile, which means you will need to cut all pieces of the pattern in the same direction. You can find the difference by holding the fabric up to the light and turning it. I wanted the dress to really catch the light so it wouldn’t lose its beautiful color, so I chose the direction that was the lightest in color.


I scoured the Itch to Stitch pattern selection looking for the perfect pattern. When I came across the Davina dress pattern it definitely wasn’t love at first sight. I was distracted by the pockets in the listing photo and I don’t normally love v-necks on myself. But once I imagined the dress without the pockets (there’s a simple way to omit them) and in my rich velvety, fabric I knew I had a winner.


To really put me over the top, I found this gorgeous statement necklace at Target. Madeline has preschool twice a week so I usually head to Target with my two younger kids to pass the time. We stroll the aisles and I pretend that I’m “working out” I’ve got to get my steps in somehow! 😂 Every time I visit, I seem to leave with a pretty new trinket. It’s like pretty things magically place themselves in my cart. I just can’t help myself.

PDF Sewing Pattern Itch to Stitch Holiday Blog Tour Style Maker Fabrics Velvet

It was like the stars aligned yet again when my soon to be sister-in-law told me that she wanted me to wear a burgundy-colored dress to her wedding in December because that worked perfectly with my plans for this beautiful dress. Since they live in Idaho, which is like a perma-blizzard, I knew the velvet fabric would keep me nice and warm.

Itch to Stitch Davina Dress PDF Sewing Pattern Velvet Fabric Style Maker Fabrics

I somehow managed to melt my gorgeous fabric as I was setting the hem. I was being such a good seamstress using the iron on low heat and ironing with a pressing cloth when lo and behold I melted my skirt. Cue crying… or sobbing. Luckily it didn’t look nearly as bad from the right side as it did the wrong side. I’m still not entirely sure what happened. Though I’d wager it had something to do with the rather interesting scene of an episode of “Call The Midwife” that I was watching.

Itch to Stitch Davina Dress

I made up a muslin of this dress using a liverpool knit and took off an entire inch from the bodice to get it to sit squarely at my waist. I did the same with my final dress but it ended up just a tad bit higher than my natural waist. I think my original fabric had a bit more stretch to it in both directions. It also ended up being just a tad bit shorter than I had hoped. For the sake of modesty and the fact that I don’t particularly love my knees because they are riddled with stretch marks from all of my pregnancies, I decided to add a few layers of tulle. I love the added drama that the tulle lends to the dress. It’s now the perfect length!


After falling madly in love with the quality of this velvet fabric I took advantage of Style Maker Fabrics Black Friday sale and I stocked up on some pretty fabrics. I got a beautiful sparkly blue sweater knit (no longer available), this red ponte knit, some of this blue and white jersey, a few yards of this yummy flannel and a bit of this lovely floral rayon. One of my favorite parts about Michelle’s website is the section where you can shop “The Trends” this includes all the latest colors that are on trend for the current season. I loved looking through her lovely selection of fabrics!


Use discount code “holiday16” for 16% off of all Itch to Stitch patterns! The discount will run December 3rd – December 11th Midnight CST.

Purchase the Davina Dress HERE.

Make sure to stop by all the other blogs on this fabulous tour! There are some really wonderful bloggers lined up for this tour.

Velvet Davina Dress Itch to Stitch Style Maker Fabrics Velvet Dress PDF Sewing Pattern

28 thoughts on “Itch to Stitch Holiday Blog Tour”

  1. Wow, what an amazing dress! I like how you fixed it with some tulle instead of just accepting that it’s too short. And I loved reading your post – so funny! Thank you so much for participating!

    1. Kimberly Coffin

      Thank you, Fleurine! I knew if I left it as it was I wouldn’t end up wearing it, which would be a waste of such a pretty dress. I was glad I was able to find such a simple solution!

  2. This dress is gorgeous and the merlot velvet looks amazing on you! I have a beautiful teal velvet sitting at the bottom of my piles that I bought for a project and never used it. I just may need to make a Davina for myself. 🙂

    1. Kimberly Coffin

      Thank you, Meg! It is such a beautiful fabric! I used my leftover to make matching dresses for my little girls. Now I just need to convince them to take some photos.

    1. Kimberly Coffin

      Thanks so much Sharon! I had hoped it would look timeless so I’m glad to hear you say that. I paired the dress with my Great Grandmothers clutch to give it a little bit of sentimentality.

  3. As always you look amazing and runway ready! Your necklace is a perfect accessory! Total bummer on the melting of the fabric with the iron. I am really getting sucked into the velvet craze, so I will keep this in mind.

    1. Kimberly Coffin

      Seriously, you are too sweet! Thank you a million times! You must try velvet. I promise you will love it. But your girls will totally be jealous of your fabric. Ha!

  4. This dress is stunning! You look so pretty in this color and silhouette. I love the tulle– it looks totally intentional to me so I never would have guessed it wasn’t planned in the beginning.

    1. Kimberly Coffin

      Thank you so much, Teri! I’m glad it looks intentional. I feel like it totally goes with the look of the dress and I’m almost glad it turned out too short in the beginning.

  5. It’s gorgeous! I’ve never been a big fan of velvet but I absolutely love this dress and now want one of my own! I already have the pattern but no time for dresses now. Maybe next year…

    1. Kimberly Coffin

      Thank you, Diane! At first I was a little shocked to see velvet again. I feel like for awhile it was super cheap looking… but once I saw this fabric I was sold!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, Kimberly! This colour suits you well and Davina is honestly a winner all around, with or without the pockets. It’s instant feel pretty for me.

  7. Your dress is simply stunning!!! I passed this pattern so many times without even a double take. You dress is definitely pushing me to buy it! And the fabric combo is to die for. Great job! Was it hard to sew with velvet?

    1. Kimberly Coffin

      Thanks, Anya! I always adore your creations, so that means a lot coming from you! This pattern really didn’t catch my eye at first either, but I’m glad I tried it! I didn’t find velvet very hard to sew with. When your sewing with right sides together it can stick to itself a little bit, so it takes some careful arranging to get everything lined up right.

    1. Kimberly Coffin

      Thanks so much, Emi! I took a few days trying to decide on the perfect way to lengthen it, but I’m so happy with the end result.

  8. Oh, my goodness, this is absolutely gorgeous! I really love the tulle at the bottom… it makes the whole dress more interesting. And the color is amazing on you!

  9. In addition to stabilizing it, try 1. Using a walking foot 2. Sewing with the velvet next to the feed dogs, and the lining on top 3. Pinning every centimeter or even closer, and don’t remove the pins until they are just barely in front of the needle, and all of the way under the presser foot. Another idea is using wonder tape or a washable glue stick (as long as your velvet is washable) to stick the pieces together in addition to using pins.

  10. Sorry, I’m just now getting back to you Serena! My Blog didn’t notify me of your follow up comment. 🙁 Charity listed some really great ideas above. All of which I would highly suggest. I find that pinning is your best friend when using a lining fabric that’s slick. A walking foot also works wonders and going slowly making sure not to stretch out either fabric. Charity made a great suggestion about the washable glue stick. Sometimes that’s just what you need or wash away wonder tape. What pattern are you using for this dress? My advice for attaching a gathered skirt is to use two or even three rows of gathering stitches to make sure you end up with nice, even gathers. Don’t be afraid to use lots of pins to put the bodice and skirt together. Go slowly and adjust your gathers as you are sewing to make sure they are evenly spaced.

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